Hacienda Victoria

Hacienda Victoria is a single-estate farm located in Cerecita, near the coast of Ecuador. Tucked away between the gentle and lush hills of the Guayas where the savannas roll and remnants of tropical dry forest covers species of native kapok trees. The region has the perfect climate conditions for cacao trees to flourish.

Hacienda Victoria was founded in 2009 by Carlos Eduardo García Fuentes who, business-minded as he is, purchased a plot and organized a team of the country’s finest specialists to construct a new type of farm with exclusively Arriba Nacional cacao. This native variety is under much pressure nowadays due to the growth of CCN-51 cacao in the country. Hacienda Victoria does not plant the CCN-51 variety. It is our mission to break with what others are doing and recover the ancient tradition of cultivating the Arriba cacao. Our beans are clean, well fermented and have great, consistent Arriba flavors. We can offer tailor-made fermentation that results in a guaranteed consistency over time. We strive to make a positive social impact by providing a stable income to more than one hundred families while developing a sustainable environment for our workers, our land and the local fauna.

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