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Venezuelan cacao

Venezuela is a country close to our hearts. And not only to us, many chocolate makers have a mythical, holy grail idea of this ancient cacao origin. The fertile lands of the Venezuelan Andean mountain ranges are the birthplace of criollo cacao. Although plenty of Venezuelan cacao is on the market, often the quality is poor. Because of our long experience on the ground, our relationships with producers, and our strict bean selection, we can offer both mainstream and specialty cacao from this country. Our cacao varieties come from the  Sur del Lago region, which includes the states of Táchira, Mérida, Trujillo and Zulia and from the Northern part such as Cuyagua and Ocumare. And because most of the beans are already in Amsterdam, you can be assured that the beans you expect, are the beans you will get.


  • Conventional Sur de Lago - A well fermented blend from the Merida, Tachira and Trujillo states. Mild chocolate, malt and wood. We offer two types: a conventional and superior recipe (higher fermented) from Sur del Lago

  • Las Virtudes - Complex earthy, woody and nutty

  • Gibraltar - Our favourite! Cookies, bananas and caramel

  • Porcelana - The one and only. Soft and mild caramel and nuts

  • Cuayagua - Extremely rare, these beans from northern Venezuela. Whipped cream, almonds, hazelnuts and cherry jam. Comes with a authenticity certificate issued by the farmers of the Hacienda La Campesina.


We offer butter, cocoa mass and powder made locally from a blend we call ‘Cacao de Venezuela’ – a mosaic variety that gathers several criollos and Trinitarios. 

Reach out to us for a sample.

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Ecuadorian cacao

Ecuador is a well known country for cacao. The famous Arriba cacao, or Nacional, grows there and many chocolate makers go crazy for the fruity, floral profile that typically comes from those beans. In Ecuador we work with Hacienda Victoria, a beautiful cacao farm located in the Guayas region that grows only Arriba cacao. This cacao is perfect for buyers who are looking for something really special and they do not want any negative surprises. From customers' feedback we learn that these beans are easy to work with, clean and large, with great flavours and consistency in the quality. We always have these beans in Amsterdam. 

  • Arriba Nacional - Floral and pronounced fresh fruity flavours.

Guatemalan Cacao

We work with Hacienda Kampura, a farm that has over 100 cacao varieties planted. We can proudly say that Kampura is the only farm in Guatemala to have all of the SGU (Guatemala Selection) clones, a collection of native Guatemalan clones gathered in the 1960’s.

  • Trinitario blend - Fresh lemon pie, mild acidity.

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In general:

- We deliver from bags up to full containers. 

- We have most these cacaos in Amsterdam, so we deliver from our warehouse to anywhere in the world. Upon preference it is also possible to arrange the export directly from the farm.

- Varieties such as Porcelana and Cuyagua are very rare. We usually have a waiting list for these cacaos.

- We charge a fee for samples.

Need some more information, and a price list? Reach out to us.

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