"The power of the tree is defined by its roots."

Gaia Cacao has a unique approach to traditional trading. We keep our supply chains short and transparent, making sure that the value goes to where it should: the farmers. We support our local partners in the direct export of beans, without pre-buying them for low, local prices. Instead, we offer them our  extensive network, experience and our services for the distribution, logistics and sales in Europe. We are specialised in beans from Ecuador and Venezuela.


This short model is interesting for traders or chocolate manufacturers who want to buy good beans, straight from the source, but without dealing with issues around logistics and quality. 


Gaia is founded by Mariana De La Rosa and Marika van Santvoort in 2019. 

We offer Three types of services:

1.  To buyers: we offer conventional and premium cacao straight from the source in Ecuador (Hacienda Victoria, Guayas) and Venezuela (Chococao, Sur del Lago). Read more.


2. To cacao producers: We offer our network and services for logistics, distribution, warehousing and sales. Read more.

3. To NGO’s, governments and companies: we offer consultancy in the field of sustainability, market access studies and marketing advice. Read more.

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