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Gaia Cacao offers consultancy and trainings to NGOs, private companies, cooperatives or government agencies. Our company consists of a small but dedicated team of experts.

In case required, we partner up with other specialists in specific fields. 

Our expertise:

  • Entering the EU market

  • Cocoa Value Chain Analysis

  • Improving cacao quality

  • Market studies

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What would a project with us look like?

For governments:

If you want to develop, expand or increase the quality of a cacao producing region, then Gaia can support. We offer technical expertise and assistance and, together with a team of other experts, can help with the agricultural planning and practices. Knowing the demands of European buyers, and offering logistics services, our team is well equipped to develop a successful value chain model.

For cacao traders:

Changing regulations and increasing needs for more sustainability, requires an approach and vision that is integrated into your company's strategy. Gaia offers guidance, communication, and implementation of activities on the ground in cacao producing countries. 

For NGOs and cooperatives:

Gaia offers coaching to cooperatives and other groups of farmers, so that they can increase their entrepreneurial capacity. We facilitate the logistics of beans if needed and provide trainings on the ground. 

For exporters:

We know the cacao and chocolate landscape well and can help you with a market access study. We do a competitor analysis and identify which buyers might be interested in your beans. 

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