Image by Guillaume Bolduc

Are you a cacao producer or exporter and are you are looking to keep a stock in Amsterdam so that you can provide to your clients in Europe past and cost-efficiently? Then we can help you.


Gaia Cacao offers logistics and distribution services of cacao beans. 


All you need to do is arrange the export from your country and we will import the beans into the Netherlands. We handle the cacao as if it were our own cacao beans.

  • We manage the stock on your behalf

  • We coordinate quality control, lab testings and more

  • We keep you updated on what is happening in Europe

  • We send your clients samples

  • We organise the transport to your clients


Being located in Amsterdam, the trade hub for cacao, it is cheaper and faster to organise logistics from here. Plus, many buyers prefer it if the beans are already in Amsterdam as it gives them less risk on the quality. 

As we want to feel confident about the quality of the beans and the supplier, we never start with offering sales as a service. This is because we treat our cacao network as gold and we are very conscious about maintaining a good reputation. So, we start with distribution and logistics while we get to know your cacao and your company better. We can also complement this with a market study. We then take a broad scope to see your cacao in the larger landscape of buyers that we know and that potentially can be interested in your cacao. Based on the quality and the competition, we advise you on the right market price for the beans and support with marketing advice. 

Gaia Cacao is much more than a warehousing service. We take a wholistic approach and support you with everything you need to bring your beans in the market.

Reach out to us if this service interests you.