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We are specialised in cacao from Ecuador and Venezuela. We sell conventional cacao, but also have very unique varieties such as Porcelana or Chuao.


We work in countries that can be challenging getting good beans from. In these countries we offer a direct and trustworthy supply chain. By keeping the supply chain short, we can deliver good cacao beans. There are no middlemen, not even traders in our supply chain. We do not blend - so a Porcelana, really is a Porcelana. 


Logistics & distribution

Our company offers logistics & distribution to cacao producers, cooperatives and exporters. This is how we work: we arrange the paper work, custom clear your containers, do a quality check, store the beans in a dedicated warehouse for specialty cacao in Amsterdam and handle all the distribution and logistics. Keeping your beans on such a key place for cacao, saves you time and money. It also increases your sales opportunities as many buyers prefer to buy instore from Europe. We keep our partners updated on cacao happenings and support them in their sales. 

Amsterdam has the largest port for cacao import in the world. All the infrastructure is in place for a cost-efficient and fast process.

If you are looking for a distribution agent in Europe, feel free to reach out and receive our transparant prices. 


We offer consultancy support to cacao and chocolate companies. Having worked on several sides of the sector we know the landscape well and we regularly work together with some of the best experts in the field of agroforestry or improving cacao production. We have experience working on projects in the following fields:

- Sustainability

- Improving market access 

- Innovation of new cacao products (such as juice)

- Chocolate making

- Recipe development

- Increasing cacao quality

If you are interested to hear more about our consultancy work, contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

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