We believe that the world deserves special cacao. A world where farmers and chocolate makers are entrepreneurs alike. Directly connected through short, transparent supply chains. Empowered to grow the market for special cacao. Resulting in higher value on both ends and…. great chocolate! 

How do we achieve this mission?

1. By supporting farmers and exporters who have special cacao to bring these beans on the market in Europe. Gaia offers to them marketing advice, logistics support, distribution services and sales. We store their beans in a cacao warehouse and manage the quality and distribution to buyers of the beans. We coordinate quality tests, lab testing (on cadmium e.g.), and provide our clients updates from what is happening in cacao and chocolate in Europe. Our principle is that after two years, our clients are ready to take over everything themselves and Gaia 'just' takes a facilitating role. 


2. We offer good quality beans, powder, cocoa mass and butter. Our specialty are beans from Venezuela and Ecuador, but we also offer mass from Nicaragua and other origins. Buyers have full transparency and will know exactly where the products are coming from. We take away the hassle of organising the logistics to the buyer.

3. We offer consultancy and trainings to support private companies, NGOs and governments to improve their quality of beans or increase their sustainability practices. 

This is how our work looks like:

  • 30% - sourcing & selling of beans

  • 30% - organising logistics & distribution

  • 40% - consultancy & training